Collaborate 2020

Conference Session

"SQLcl offers many ways to simplify your DevOps life. Imagine writing automation scripts for your database in languages like JavaScript, Python or Perl - to name just a few - without the hassle of driver libraries. Although SQLcl is almost 100% compatible with SQL*Plus, it adds a lot of new commands and features to the old lady: Native support for Liquibase and Hashicorps Vault, for example. The most potent new keyword is "script." Script embeds the execution of SQL-statements or SQL*Plus-commands from your favorite scripting language. Extend SQLcl by writing functions, use your favorite languageā€™s objects and control structures and parallelize multiple tasks. Within this entertaining session, the presenting expert waters your mouth and generates countless wants Learning Objective 1: The audience will learn: what SQLcl is all about how to write and integrate scripts in their favorite scripting language. Learning Objective 2: The audience will learn:* how to leverage the integrated support for HashiCorp Vault and Liquibase."