Oracle Groundbreakers APAC Virtual Tour 2020

Webinar Session

Session ID: Quest2020-110970 Setting up Cloud Environments using the Web UI is only the second best option. The method of choice is Scripting. While HashiCorps Terraform has become the lingua franca for defining large setups, it appears to be a bit unwieldy for small changes. Oracle provides the OCI Command Line Interface (CLI) as OpenSource on GitHub, which is ideal for those small changes. This talk introduces to Scripting with the OCI CLI. It walks through the process of setting it up. A quick orientation is followed by a deep dive in the command line and JSON Parameters. Tips and Tricks as well as common caveats an how to avoid them lead to the conclusion. The presentation contains a live demo. All Demos are available for download. Learning Objective 1: This talk enables the DBA to quickly set up and modify an OCI Cloud Environment via OCI CLI. Learning Objective 2: The special characteristics of the new Always-Free-Tier of the Oracle Cloud will be covered as well.