Software Architecture

I am convinced that a well-designed data model is the backbone of any data-driven application. That’s why my projects usually focus on the database.

My understanding of an IT architect’s work is similar to the excellent work of a real architect: It starts with listening to the customer and understanding what they want. The drafts, prototypes, and mock-ups he produces are state-of-the-art.

But an IT architect is not only proficient in PowerPoint and can also draw pretty diagrams. He has a broad technical understanding and can lead a team through the entire development process. He ensures that everyone is moving in the same direction and coaches the individual team members where necessary. Above all, he is the technical leader and does not shy away from getting his hands dirty.

The approach - agile, waterfall, V-model - depends on the project goals and the customer’s wishes.

A good IT architect works at eye level with the technical project manager. Together they achieve the project goals on time and in the budget.